Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Challenge: TEDx18th&Vine

Radical Openness is an EPIC theme for a conference... Perfect for TEDGlobal 2012!!  

TEDx18th&Vine is a simulcast from this event, beginning tomorrow morning (June 28, 2012).  Our focus on Radical Openness comes at a fortuitous time in our city.  All throughout the KC Metro Area we have individuals, neighborhoods, community organizations and businesses seeking to be a part of making this city thrive.  WE all have lamented the many Kansas City struggles, the problems, the concerns and have been working hard to be a force for change.  WE are at a tipping point... there is a critical mass of people in this city, human beings seeking to be the change... READY... To... THRIVE!  

Cooperative Solution Seeking

An ancient art form that has been lost over the ages... is being reborn!!

Our goal is to make the TEDx experience more relevant to the 18th&Vine District and Kansas City by issuing a challenge rooted in the following values:
  1. Grassroots Organizing: local community members creating relevant solutions through “stakeholder” defined inquiry
  2. Ability/ Asset Awareness: a consciousness that focuses first on assets, abilities, abundance and seeks to leverage assets to build solutions.  As opposed to focusing on needs, disabilities, lack of resources.
  3. Law of Circulation: what goes around comes around... when we dwell upon what is not working, how bad it is or what went wrong, we create more struggle and strife.  When we dwell upon assets, abilities and abundance we begin to operate from a space of empowerment and possibility. (The flow of giving and receiving applies in all areas of life.)
  4. Seeking Serendipity:  building on our successes by sharing and accepting the partnerships, cooperation and collaboration that come into our path.                                                

Team Challenge

Brought to you by Spark Bookhart and Linwood F. Tauheed,Phd of Urban Engagement Solutions, and Beth Sarver of InterPlay KC.

Building off of the momentum from TEDx18th&Vine: Radical Openness
6-10 community teams (cross-pollinated community groups) work together to earn “buckets” of resources donated by sponsoring organizations.


7-7-12 Orientation:  Urban Engagement Solutions & InterPlay for team building and creative problem solving.  10a-2p Please bring a lunch with you.  Location: UMKC Haag Hall

8-4-12:  Teams reconnect to share their process and a chosen problem to tackle. 

9-1-12:  Teams share their brainstormed solutions and the initial scope for bringing select solutions to fruition.  Teams are coached by relevant experts.

10-6-12: Present Final Solutions in a 4 minute TED talk/ Findings/ Updated scope. Resource award “buckets” allocated through community jury vote.

11-3-12: Sunset Celebration...

We know that our individual efforts are simply not enough to usher in the vast change that is needed... but we also know that WE ARE NOT ALONE!!  The TEDx18th&Vine event will be the catalyst for this KC community challenge... Join forces with a broad spectrum of individuals in a cooperative solution seeking process.

This Challenge is designed to elicit a rebirth of community-centered empowerment using a holistic approach to cooperative solution seeking that catalyzes a culture of engaged community scholarship rooted in mindfulness and interdisciplinary collaboration. 

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